Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I was exposed yesterday.
One of my closest friends had a baby about a week ago, and we're all chipping in by bringing over meals for a while, offering to help with her two other children, etc. until she's back up and running.
It was my day to deliver food.  I know her husband is a "meat and potatoes" guy, so I whipped up meatloaf, baked potatoes, a salad for everyone but the husband (by "whipped up" I mean I bought a salad kit and dropped it off), and I tossed in some fresh baked cookies.  
Don't be too impressed, I told her husband, they're break-n-bake.
"What's that?" he said.
OMG. Really? What's break-n-bake?  Only one of the best inventions in the world.  This man's wife only makes stuff from scratch?  I knew she was a good cook and enjoyed baking...but break-n-bakes are a lifesaver. They're a staple.  
It reminds me of a recent visit to my grandparents, who live on a farm in Michigan and had never in their lives (they're both 80) eaten store-bought garlic bread.  NEVER.  Never popped in a loaf of frozen Mama Bella bread.  EVER. Blew my little mind.
Back to the cookies...
The cheapo that I am, I tried out a Kroger brand package of Snickerdoodle (for which I've never before seen in break-n-bake but was likely inappropriately overjoyed about) and they were awesome!
They tasted delicious -- and that's what I sent to my friend's family.
I had to deliver the break-n-bake disclaimer, though.  I couldn't pass them off as my own. The cookies didn't fully bake out of their square shapes -- so each had little squares on top.  They looked funny but tasted delish!
Who cares if I break-n-bake, right?  I'll never do the cut-n-bake-n-decorate ones that are out at Christmas time.
That's where I draw the line on authenticity. 

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