Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the surface, it looks like my children enjoy beer.
Of course, they don't.  Who do you think I am?  Some Jerry Springer cast-off?  An episode of Cops?
For one reason or another, both Josie and Dominic have taken, early on, to beer bottles.  Josie always grabbed the bottle from our hands.  No small talk -- just give me the bottle.  She wouldn't do anything.  She's just have her hand on it.  Now she's a huge fan of tossing them into the recycling bin, or sitting on the 12-pack in the grocery cart.
Wow -- this is totally starting to sound Jerry Springer-ish.  
Dominic is working hard on his first tooth.  For months this kid has been drooling like a St. Bernard.  Soaking shirts.  Spitting.  Just straight dripping.  
Tonight he decided his teether would be the cold bottle holding my Miller Lite.  And when it was "my turn" to have a drink (I had to pry his Kung-Fu grip off the bottle) -- he let me have it. Big, fat tears.  Screams.
So, I had to give him back his beer bottle.  Right?  Any good mom wants to stop her child from crying.
I guess the only question is whether it's CPS-worthy to allow my child to teethe on a cold, empty beer bottle?  Or, is it just trashy?  Or, is it simply giving my little kiddo options?  
I'm going with number three.

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